Heart and Soul

Do you play the piano?  Do you really?  Do you know what una corda means?  OR…..

 Are you one of those special people who see a piano in a room and are drawn to it like a 12 year-old girl to a Kelly Clarkson CD?  Is the power too strong?  It’s calling you….it’s saying, “oh please, you!  I want you to play me!  I don’t care that you have no idea how I work, I just really need you to come tickle my keys!  Come on!  I bet you know my favourite song!”  And you do, don’t you.  You may not know it, but you are one of the many in this world who have a unrequitable desire, nay, need to clank out an unbelievably exciting version of your favourite tune and mine:  HEART AND SOUL.  Hooray!!!!!!

I don’t want to burst your bubble.  I do appreciate the perpuation of the arts—I do teach people about music every day.  But seriously, is what you’re doing helping anyone?  Does the world need to hear the duh-duh-duuuuuh one more time?  The answer, unbeknownst to you, is no.  No no no.  NO.  Just like I need to hear another 15 year-old sing “At Last”.  No matter who you are—you are not Etta James.  So stop.  Make up a new tune.  Ask your friend to teach you something else.  Come on—if you want to play that badly, there’s got to be another way.  Somehow.  Please.  And no, “Fur Elise” does not count. 

Published in: on 7 March 2006 at 9*12 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. There is no \”u\” in favorite. In colour, perhaps, but favorite, no. Limey bastard…

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