I’ll take Florid Organum for $800, please Alex.

For all you out there who claim to not be big fans of medi-aevil chant, here’s the idea.  Organum is harmony that (basically) runs parallel to your run-of-the-mill chant tune.  Florid is just descriptive of organum.  For example, “Wow, that organum sure is florid!” or “I don’t think that fauxbordon should really be considered florid or not….what do you think Hildegard?”  Until the long-awaited Winchester Troper (c.1000), we were left without a way of really discerning contrary motion.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a world I want none of.   Heathens.  Now, truth be told, no one really needs to know what organum is.  No one should really care about organum.  And yet, here we are; a world that just can’t get enough.  Henceforth, I give you some interesting organum from my personal experience.  Not all may be pure.  Most may not be interesting.  But one thing is for certain.  All is florid.  Step off.

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