On Macy Gray

When Macy Gray came out, everyone was comparing her raspy voice to that of Billie Holliday.  To which I questioned, “Well, Billie Holliday’s voice is not really raspy…so great comparison!”  For some reason however, I was entranced by the tune “I Try.”  Surely you know it.  It got overplayed like crazy.  Overplayed like that dorky kid in your 4th grade class’ game of Trivial Pursuit Junior.  So what if you know the capital of Uzbekistan.  Loser.  (okay, yeah, that was me.  It’s Tashkent.) 

However, there is something about the rest of that C.D. that I love.  There are a couple of songs that just can’t help but put you in a good mood.  And I’m not talking just stuck in traffic put you in a good mood.  I’m talking got out of bed late, forgot your lunch, missed your train, tripped and fell in front of LOTS of people, forgot to hide the murder weapon, tripped again, and had to stop and get gas EVEN though it was $2.53! kind of ‘put you in a good mood.’  That’s right.  They’re good.  Below are a couple of the words, just so you can be inspired to go find the mp3 or whatever it is you kids are listening to now a days.  Whippersnappers.

This song is called ‘The Letter’:

All I ever wanted was some love and peace and harmony
I could dance in the raw in the sun underneath the stars
When I walk over to my money tree ain’t nobody there
trying to take from me
When they ask “Are you truly free?” I’d say “Yes, truly”
But down here in reality everybody knows there ain’t no such thing
And it’s clear
It’s obviously this is not the place I’m supposed to be
On and on and on I’ve searched
What I’m lookin for is not here on earth
I can’t stand I can’t take no more
So I know that I gotta go
So long everybody
Mama don’t be sad for me
Life was a heartache and now I am finally free
Don’t know where I’m headed
Hope I see you someday soon
So long everybody
I have gone beyond the moon
Good huh?  Kinda sad and inspirational at the same time!  Okay, another one from earlier on the C.D. is almost as good.  Enjoy this bit of musical happiness!

This song is called ‘I Can’t Wait to Meet You’:

I tried to live without you
What a misery it turned out to be
Sorry for the time I doubted you
Can’t seem to get nowhere ‘less you’re next to me
And everyday I wonder what it would be like
Just to see the one who’s always by my side
Lookin out for you and I
I do my best to do right got to get to the way up high
Oh my Lord, I can’t wait to meet You

Love the life I’m livin though I’m lookin forward to the day I die
Oh my Lord, I can’t wait to meet You

More good yeah!  And finally, one that’s not about religion, but instead about someone you just love so much, that you look over at them in the car on your way home, and even though they are pregnant, and in pain, and feeling sick and incredibly tired, are beamingly beautiful just sitting there.  Just stinking sitting there.  And you’re caught amazed.  I hope that everyone finds a love this strong somewhere in their lives.  With a friend, a pet, a piece of really good ham sandwich, a damn good Puccini overture….wherever.  Find it and love it. 

This is from the song ‘Sweet, Sweet Baby’:

Many times I’ve been told that I should go
but they dont know,
what we got baby 
They may not see the love in you 
the love I do,
and I’m staying right here

Sweet sweet baby
life is crazy
but there’s one thing 
I am sure of
that you’re my lady  (I changed this since I’m quoting it, and I’m a dude….get it?)
always baby
and I love you now and ever

Baby would I ever find, my sweet
just a true love, my sweet
that we come this far together
baby so I’m here to stay
cause without you baby
I cant go any further.

can I get an ‘Amen’?

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