Job Hazards

As a teacher in the old days, all one would have to do to improve your student’s behaviour would be a quick phone call to the parents.  I know if my parents were ever called about anything at school, my ass was chewed.  Chewed.  End of story.

Well, from my experiences last year (the job I’m at now is way better), I’ve come to realize that today’s parent takes everything personally and attacks the school officials when they call to explain disciplinary actions.  For example, last year, a 3rd grade student (who was black) called another 3rd grade student (who was hispanic) the ‘n word’.  Yes, my descriptions are not backward.  So, I immediately sent him down to the principals office where Kid A received some sort of disciplinary action that I wasn’t sure about.  Well, later on that day, the mom called on conference call with me and the Principal (bless her heart—the principal I mean….) to yell at us and explain that “her son would never call anyone that name because he knows what it means and how hurtful it is.”  Obviously.  He most certainly knows.  What she meant to say was “Oh, he must hear it so much around our house that now he feels like it’s okay to say it whenever he wants to whoever he wants!”  It just didn’t come out that way.

My latest writhing anger is towards this ridiculous Missbrenner rape verdict.  In case you don’t know too much about the whole situation, some spolied little rich kids decided it would be really great to drug some girl, rape her repeatedly, videotape the whole thing for remembrance, write out disgusting things on her body with magic markers, and demoralize her drugged-up body in numerous unmentionable ways.  Well, I watch Law and Order enough to know that the truth doesn’t always win out.  Dick Wolf and Sam Waterston have explained that very clearly.  But come on, what jury member sees that tape and even thinking that maybe it was semi-consentual, decides that these events weren’t horrible enough to do something about?  Either way, I don’t mean to ruin the ending, but they found him not guilty of rape.  3 cheers for justice!

BUT, and the REAL problem here, (and not a huge surprise) is Missbrenner’s horrible excuse for a mother.  When this verdict was read, in case you missed it, Missbrenner’s family broke into a hysterical celebration.  Hugs, tears, we were one step away from the damn White Sox breaking in shooting off champagne corks.  (Damn White Sox)  Hey Mom, your kid just got off—aren’t you proud?!?  He managed to work his way around the law after defiling and SINGLE-HANDEDLY RUINING THE LIFE OF A YOUNG GIRL WHO HAS TO THINK ABOUT THESE HORRIBLE EVENTS EVERY DAMN TIME SHE LOOKS AROUND THE CORNER!  Awesome!  All the Burr Ridgian money-grubbing, learn how to bitch so you get what you want values have really paid off!  Your son is officially a waste!  Hooray!  Well done!  And to think, it all happened while adults were there!  Nice job!  Good thing they had a huge house—how else could a successful group rape happen in the house without the parents noticing!!!!  At least the neighbours will all know that they must be really successful to have a house like that!  Look at their kid!

It really makes me want to puke.  I know I’m not a parent yet (still got 3 months to go here people) but come on.  Talk about an all-around failure.  I don’t like to be angry.  This was a bit rant-ish and I apologize.  But seriously, don’t screw up your kids.  Pay some damn attention and raise them like you care.  And sure kids make mistakes, we all do.  It’s how we deal them that makes us good parents or a-holes who defend our rapist son’s debauchery. 

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