Another Short Commercial Break….

Great news!  Today marks the first time that my site was recognized by any search engines!  (wordpress will tell you, it’s pretty neat…and thanks for bringing back the right graph that shows how many people heart me….)  The first query that brings up my website….”Patron St. of the Downtrodden”  (see here )  Figures that’s the first thing….wonder just what that means….

Secondly today at lunch a funny thing happened…..I was talking to a friend about how particularly snarky I was being today, and something I said somewhere caused her to clarify, “What did you say about Black Wednesday?”  Now, I said neither “black” nor “wednesday”, so I ended up laughing uncontrollably, barely stifling the snort…..but it made me think that if any High School Band is out there and needs a totally bitchin’ band name that’s dark and meaningful, try “Black Wednesday.”  That’ll do. 

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