Music & Me, the past week…

Obviously, being a music teacher, I really enjoy music.  And yeah, I do like classical music.  A lot.  Opera, the romantic stuff, baroque stuff,  Wagner, Debussy, even a little Rautavaara here and there.  It's all great.  Seriously.  But, we all have our weaknesses.

Weekly, I am tortured by a strong need.  The need to watch American Idol.  I know it's gross.  I know it's not helping out my "mature classical music liker" character, but it has to happen.  Wouldn't you agree?  It's a weakness.  Like watching the crashes at Nascar; you don't want to see it or know what happens, but you just can't stop it.  You have to know what that damned Simon Cowell thinks of some wannabe singer.  I'm just guessing, but odds are she's 'pitchy.'  I don't know how many of you went to college for music, but no one ever uses the word pitchy.  That doesn't mean anything.  Nothing.  Saying, "That was really pitchy here and there" translated to what it really means would be "You sang a lot of notes!"  No shit!  But because they make a gross face, when everything goes wrong, by default everything's just 'pitchy'.  Yuck.  (sidebar, I have used this phrase once or twice, so yes, I'm a whore)

Please tell me you do the same?  You have to have weaknesses of the flesh for American Idol, or at least something, right?  You know it's bad, but you have to watch?  Please validate me! 

Ace Young Sucks.  He Sucks.  The whole country has stopped realizing that the brother CAN'T SING.  That's what the show is, and he can't cut the mustard.  Not even the malt vinegar.  (mmmmmmm)  I like Mandisa.  (as if you gave a shit.)  OH and Paula Abdul just signed on for three more seasons, for those of you who look forward to see just how far down the spiral she has fallen each week.  That's some good viewing right there alone.  Hey, Bat-Shit Crazy Whitney Houston, can you hear me?  Paula Abdul is on her way!  [Kiss my ass!]

CONTRARILY, (is that a word?) you may recall a mention to a Queen concert that my wife and my in-laws were to attend last Thursday evening.  Well, knowing that Freddie Mercury was obviously not going to be there was tough.  I didn't know who Paul Rodgers or Bad Company even were until I recognized one of their songs.  But I knew that seeing Brian May (arguably the GREATEST guitarist of ALL TIME) would be enough to get me there.  So we went.

Dammit.  It was frieking amazing.  Complete with some of the old favourites (I'm In Love With My Car, Under Pressure), they did some Bad Company songs (Bad Company), and even a new song(?) or two.  The best though were two things they did in reemberance of Freddie.  Brian did a (mostly) acoustic version of Love of My Life which is a real Freddie classic.  It was almost as honestly touching as when they opened Bohemian Rhapsody with a clip of Freddie singing the beginning (and ending) live at a previous concert (obviously).  Everyone in there was pretty weepy.  It was great.  If Queen+Paul Rodgers is coming ANYWHERE near you, you have to go.  It's awesome.  Please go.  Awesome. 

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  1. Ace may not be able to sing, but he can fake it well enough to get away with it because he’s pretty hot.

  2. No. I refuse to validate your American Idol obsession. American Idol is a stain on American society.

    Also, Brian May is not “arguably” the greatest guitarist of all time. He may be “in your opinion” the greatest guitarist of all time. But there is no rational argument you can present in favor of this proposition. None. No. Stop. I don’t even want to hear you try, it’s just not worth it. You lose.

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