Who here hates A.J. Pierzynski? Show yourselves!

What an ass.  Worse.  As someone I know says, he's like a whole carton full of assholes. 

Okay, granted, I hate all of the White Sox.  But this douche bag makes it much worse on all of them.  Seriously.  How frieking annoying can you be?  He just drives me super-crazy as most smug people do.  Yuck.  Could you be any more full of yourself?  I don't think so. 

I say this all because the ONION has a super good article here commenting on this douche bag's qualities.  Seriously Pierzynski, you're lucky you weren't around years ago or your ass'd be so high above THE LIST, that you'd have to wear a hat with flashers on it so airplanes didn't hit you. 


PLEASE tell me you agree. 

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  1. A.J. Pierzynski goes into my pantheon of hated sports figures right alongside Barry Bonds, Isiah Thomas, Reggie Miller and Brett Favre (that’s right, suck it!). He recently staged a stunt with the WWE in spring training only solidifying his status. Other things I hold against him: he’s a cheat (see last years playoffs), his own teammates hate him, he looks like a huge raving redneck (you’re making millions of dollars, f’ing shower already you greasy hick). Incidentally, GQ (might have been Esquire, I get them both and forget which is which) ran on article on the most hated figures in sports which of course included our good friend A.J. Damn, he’s a bastard. Shit. I can’t curse this guy enough. Look, I didn’t even have to see him do anything and I’m steamed. Alright, deep breath.

  2. He sucks ass. But it’s funny when guys that suck ass are on the Sox. It’s if he were on the Cubs that it would be a problem.

  3. AJ is by far the biggest ass clown in Major League Baseball. Anyone who get’s hit in the nuts by a ground ball… and then kicks the trainer in the nuts saying “Like This” after the trainer runs out and asks him how he’s feeling… deserves to have his fingernails pulled out with a vice-grips.

  4. These faggots have nothing better to do but to bitch about a kick ass catcher with a fun personality. Go fuck yourselves or better yet kill yo self.


    • u ass chockers since 1948 2005 champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who sucks now you smart ass indian you guys r even in last place who ever wrote this shit


  7. i’m from Bulgaria and i dont really know why everybody hates this guy.If you can explain me It would be cool 4 me to know why

  8. all those whom hate AJ feel free to join our group on facebook

  9. AJ Pierzynski is an absolute A-hole. He has no character, is full of himself, aparanlty has to overcompenstate for an inferiority complex, confuses gamesmanship for playing hard, and must be a closet queen for the numerous accounts of kneeing people in the nuts. What a faggot. Bless the day he disappears from baseball.

  10. A.J. Pierzynski totally sucks. Whether it be his faggot bleach blond hair or his facination with rooting cock, its completely obvious. I have never ever seen any player in any sport whine as much as he does. Every pitch thrown, offense or defense, he whines or gives his “I-just-took-it-in-the-ass-and-I’ll-pretend-it-hurts” face. Piece of shit tries to call interference on everyone, just to justify his shittiness. I hope he dies a tragic death. He will not be missed… not by Sox fans or by any fan in MLB.


  11. Sorry to crash your hate fest, but AJ is actually a very nice guy. I turn out at Spring Training every year, and AJ is one of the friendliest, most approachable guys there.

  12. He is far from a bad player. His batting has proven that. xD You guys are just mad he’s not on your team since he’s been a great guy for the Sox. He is one of the smartest players in baseball when it comes to the rules. And to all you that said you wish he has a bad career or a horrible death, hope AJ destroys your team! >:0

  13. Does anybody watch spotscenter? Seriously? They just had a A.J. is a huge douche bag special showing all of his cheap bull-shit shenanigans he commits on the ball field. Have some fucking tact man. What an immature little bitch. He has no class at all. I’m a twins fan and when he played for us I didn’t like him either along with all his teammates. For cying out loud he spiked Justin Morneau (one of his previous teamates). If you think A.J. is an upstanding person, you should go throw yourself over a cliff.

  14. I totally a gree withe the huge twin fan he is a total a-hole.I cant believe all the crap he gets away with fuck you wsoxkillcubs I do NOT want that douche on my team why in the hell will i want that when we have the best catcher in the AL JOE MAUER!!

  15. AJ is awsome the White Sox rock fuck the Twins and the tribe and the cubs thay all suck AJ can beat ur asses anyday anytime antwhere fags GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. AJ is awsome the White Sox rock fuck the Twins and the tribe and the cubs thay all suck AJ can beat ur asses anyday anytime anywhere fags GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hey ya’ll. This is your boy Mr. Hunter. That bastard Pierzynski is the biggest douche of all-time. I’ll tell you a story that I haven’t told to many people. One time we was in spring training, I think it was 1998 or 1999. Anyway, we were both rookies and as rookies we’re supposed to keep our heads down and basically put up with all the shit of the major leaguers. Well, Corey Koskie was known as a prankster in the Twins organization. One day, he decides to put peanut butter into AJ’s socks before a inter-squad game. AJ, without looking into his socks first, puts them on. He immediatley freaks out and Koskie just geeks out. AJ turns red in the face, I mean fuckin RED, and he takes his bat and hits Koskie over the head with it. Everyone in the clubhouse is so suprised that we don’t know what to do. AJ hits Koskie in the mouth with the bat next. After 4 more swings, Koskie has a bad concussion, is missing 11 teeth, has 4 cracked ribs, a broken hamate bone, and has severe contusions all over his body. Eventually, we get AJ off of Koskie. We were so pissed at Pierzynski that we hung him right there in the clubhouse.

  18. […] one weird-o defending Taking Back Sunday (seriously?) and many, MANY people sharing opinions about A.J. Pierzynski.  So, there you go, people.  Hope that was worth the 4 years.  I’m not saying this is […]

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