Really Short Commercial Break

As I've realized, I don't talk much on here about how awesome it is that my wife is pregnant.  She's awesome enough by herself, the fact that now there's another whole person inside her is absolutely amazing.  Unbelievable. 

Last nite I was laying (gently people, it's not like I was letting him drive the car…) on my wife's stomach and he actually kicked me in the face.  To most people this may seem comical, but it was probably the surreal-est moment that I have ever been in the room for.  Seriously. 

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  1. It must be so odd to have a live mammal writhing about in you.
    Oh! Re: your comment on my blog about the combining of reality shows–“Starting Over” and “Fear Factor.” Emotionally fragile women forced to to engage in potentially traumatizing experiences! Fun for the whole family!

  2. Even though I complain about everyone being pregnant, I really am in awe of the whole human being growing inside of women’s bellies thing. I also am very excited for you and your wife and for your brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I know you’ll all make awesome parents/aunts & uncles!

  3. Hee. He’s got attitude already! That’s pretty awesome. Perhaps you should invest in some protective gear before he’s born?

  4. Hey thanks for stopping by Poop and Boogies. Our 2nd kids due date is 6/18 also.

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