From the “It’s About Damn Time” file… UPDATED!

The punch

Normally, I don't condone violence against other people.  Fortunately, Pierzynski is not a person.  He's an asshole and a pansy.  Let it just be known that after getting clocked in the face, Pierzynski ran off into his dugout pumping his fists and reveling in his testicle-less pussy-dom. 


[p.s.  Apparently my past ramblings about this a-hole paid off hits-wise this weekend.  Instead of usual occasional search returns for "S My d", "Hate Mary Carillo" or "Jillain Barberie Fall On Her Hip", I now show you a sampling of what has sent people here!  And I quote:

I hate A.J. Pierzynski
hate aj pierzynski
Why people hate AJ pierzynski?
pierzynski sucks
a j pierzynski asshole cubs
AJ Pierzynski Sucks
aj pierzynski ass
why people hate aj pierzynski
hate aj pierzynski
A.J. Pierzynski sucks
Pierzynski douche bag  (MY FAVOURITE!)
aj pierzynski wwe
aj pierzynski sucks
hate A.J. Pierzynski
pierzynski douchebag
A.J Pierzynski Sucks
hate pierzynski
AJ Pierzynski asshole
on front of elle magazine you know pimpin
A.J. Pierzynski, hate
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  1. My favorite is that you have two different variations of both “Pierzynski douche bag” and “Why people hate AJ pierzynski?”

  2. Pierzynski is my favorite player for these same reasons. He’s an unrepentant unredeemable asshole, always causes trouble, is petulant, peevish, and unapologetic. I wore my Pierzynski shirt to the game last night and cheered wildly when he came up to pinch hit.

  3. i thought i liked barrett before. now he’s my current favorite player. his fist in that douchebag’s face is the perfect picture of someone getting whats coming to him.

  4. Hey Cubbie fans, how about you remain silent until you do what the Sox did last year? If you had an AJ Pierzynski who got punched, you’d be angry too.

  5. Im a twins fan and i say to hell with aj against the twins he flipped his bat and the twins dugout twice during the series and did a smell em out motion mocking the twins which they have sort of made their own thing after getting and rbi

  6. I am so glad their are people in this world that hate him as much as I DO!

  7. I love AJ for all the reasons you hate him. I went to Sox vs. Tigers Wed and went nuts every time he came out! He is the shit! I wore my Got Pierzynski? shirt and loved every minute of it!

  8. A.J> is my hero he is the awesomest cuz he is a trouble maker. You better shut up cuz the cubs havent won a championship in 100 years so shut up

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