Quick Commercial Break- Exposing Weirdo Search Habits

Real fast-like, I’d like to thank the searchers of the world.  Unfortunately, I feel like I have let some of you down.  I’m sorry, random person, but I do not have any pictures of anyone showing how to catheterize one’s self on my little home away from home here.  (seriously, that was last week) At least not after the lawsuit.  Just in case you’re interested, the list of search queries always makes me laugh hysterically, so here it is. 

My favourites are :’How to tell if a goat is pregnant’ ‘is Annette Funicello a bitch in real life’ and ‘what is a cap snaffler’.  So, thanks. 

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2006-09-05
didn’t mamma teach you affection 2
organum pyramid 2

“elvis stojko” 1
destiny s child can you people 1
florid organum 1

what happened to robin robinson on chann 1
Destiny’s Child, Indepent Women 1
seinfeld ukraine weak clip 1

what is a cap snaffler picture 1
seinfeld quotes “what is the deal” 1
Mary Carillo transgendered 1

Search Viewspierzynski sucks 3
pregnant people and their bellies 1

florid organum 2
map of chicago linkin park 1

is annette funicello a bitch in real lif 1
how to tell if goat is pregnant 1

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  1. I tend to get a frightening number of porn related searches. If you’re really googling “hot latinos” or “overstuffed pussy” (I’m not making those up) what in the search result would make you think it would be found in my little online universe? The most popular search lately though has been some variation of “chow mein vs low mein”. Apparently people take their Chinese noodles pretty seriously.

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