Episode 10- “Pregnant Goats, Insane ‘Magicians’, and Why I Love My Fake TiVo.”

 UPDATE-go to the Mr. Maestro REVEALED! bit on your right.  Seriously.  Do it now, and then come back here.

1st-I broke 9,000 today.  A special thanks is owed to Liza and to people who are interested in how to tell if a goat is pregnant.  Thanks.

2nd-Remember Jim?  My college roommate?  Well, apparently, his David Blaine bit has sparked some controversy.  Mainly me and him trying to take down this mysterious “ZORAN” fellow, who is clearly David Blaine himself.  It’s reminiscent of Leah’s Stroger/Peraica Drama.  Who knew?

Now, onto details.  You may recall that at one point I hated TiVo people, and then later, hypocritacally at best, became a tivo-knockoff user.  (tivo-knockoff may even be better.  That’s right.  Just ask her.)  Well my friends, my wife has become REALLY good at pausing the TV at those certain moments when TV should never be paused.  (Just like how HD is actually a curse sometimes…..ever watch the News in HD?  I’m guessing that no one took into account Juan Carlos FAN-JUL or Rick DiMaio when they created that shit.) 

I’m sure there’s a better way to impart these moments than to just pause the TV and take a picture with a camera, but I’m nowhere NEAR as technology-savvy as either of these guys, so this is what you get.  Some moments from my TV-watching life.

A special thanks to The Biggest Loser for sharing this special moment.  Trembling with excitement, aren’t you ladies??

Again, Biggest Loser.  Where exactly did her leg go, you ask?  My guess is that, in a desperate attempt to lose weight, that Susie started lopping off appendages.

On the next photo, look carefully to try to figure out what doesn’t quite belong…(aside from the enchanting candle/match tableau atop the TV proper…)

Hello!  The lady on the left in the front is clearly wearing a bag!  She’s INSIDE A BAG!  HOW DOES NO ONE AROUND HER SEEM TO NOTICE OR CARE?  SHE’S IN A DAMN BAG!

Now I know Jeopardy can be difficult sometimes, even perplexing.  But, I’ve never seen it affect anyone in quite this way before…

Here’s Meredith puking from Grey’s Anatomy

And last, but not least, I can’t FOR THE LIFE of me remember what show this was from, but my wife had to play the clip for me 10 times before I FINALLY saw what the hell the problem was.  Keep this with you as you go about your happy holiday weekend, my friends.  God Bless!

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  1. Your wife is very talented, indeed. Also, “Sweeden”. Hee.

    However, the main thing I got out of this entry is my TiVo is SO fired, because The Biggest Loser has been on this whole time and I have been missing it? Aaack! I’ll have to have a talk with TiVo when I get home.

  2. Also, WHY would you want to know if a goat is pregnant or not? Concerned about knocking up the neighbor’s livestock and having your tawdry interspecies affair exposed to the whole neighborhood? (Not you, clearly, but the people that are looking for that information.)

  3. Sweeden! Love it!! And, it’s in florescent lighting!

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