Meredith is still alive, I know it.

I may have alluded to my love for reality shows in the past, even ones as dark and desperate as Wickedly Perfect, and Mr. Personality.  However, since my wife and I sold-out (only a little, it’s not REAL TiVo, snobs…) and got DVR-esque box-thing, there are SO many shows that we watch that may seem embarassing to other people.  Most of you MAY not even know these are on.  Nearly ALL of these have been on the ‘Automatically Record’ part of our box-thing (Season Pass, for you TiVo snobs….).

Shows not TOTALLY embarrassing because, dude, lots of people watch them, so it’s not so bad, right?

Grey’s Anatomy-Dude, it may be somewhat of a chick show, but if you’ve never watched it, this one hot doctor lady drilled holes in a dude’s head with an ACTUAL drill, not a doctor drill, while bro was smashed between two cars in the garage part of a ferry boat that had been in an INCIDENT!  And there is no damn WAY that Meredith is dead, even if she did see Coach Taylor and that scary-faced Denny.

Friday Night LightsAccording to NBC, not many people watch this show, but it’s good on SO many levels.  You really should watch it.  Although the slight delve into racism is a bit much for me, (Equality?  puh-lease!) Matt Saracen’s Grandma kills me every time.

American Idol-I actually like the good ones.  These in between weeks where they’re all in hollywood and shit are my favourites.  It does bother me though, that there are people in the DAMN TOP 12 WHO I NEVER EVER SAW EVER BEFORE!  Not even 1ce!  What the hell.  Please tell me you saw Simon man-handling his breasts when that 2nd chance chick came in, please. 

The Office-“Now you must wrestle my cousin Moes!” Pam hurts my heart.

Okay, buddy, that’s just downright awful…

Gay, Straight, or Taken-Another chick show, but the chick always picks the gay guy and her face is priceless.  Every time.  Friggin’ priceless.

Iron Chef America-I really don’t care for Alton Brown, but I watch this show religiously full-well knowing that I will never eat, nor make anything that intricate and expensive.  I do know what Lardo is though now, so I guess I learned something.

Any Reality Show on MTVJuvies, Super Sweet 16, Two-A-Days, I’m From Rolling Stone, Road Rules, Real World, everything.  Even some of the dating shows.  I know the average age of people that watch that shit is 17, but if it weren’t for people like me, it’d be 13.  So, I look at it as doing a favour for MTV.  I’m maturing them.

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse-I don’t even watch them all, but I save them for the future.  Watching them now makes you wonder how 7-year-old-you didn’t see it all coming.

Grease: You’re the One That I Want-the subtitle makes it worse I know.  Even though I respect broadway and even like some musicals, I hate Grease.  Yet, I watch.  Every week.  And cheer for Juliana.  I’m a bitch. 

Who Wants to Be a SuperHeroStan Lee, creator of Spiderman, had a reality show where people dressed as superheroes, referred to each other by superhero names, even in daily situations, OR ELSE.  It was awesome.  When Fat Momma said that Feedback should win over her and Captain Victory, I had a moment. 

I Wanna Be a Soap StarOkay, we don’t REALLY get the soap opera channel, but they gave it to us as a sample for a month or so and I got hooked on this show.  It was just like any reality show but with more preening and awful acting.  Yeah, EVEN more. 

That’s enough for now.  Feel free to share your guilty pleasures, or make fun of me endlessly for having such poor taste.  Go ahead, have at it.

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  1. Check out “Engaged and Underaged” on MTV.

  2. I wanna see Pam’s boobies!!!

  3. I watch enough of the shows you listed to not make fun of you for the rest, I guess. Also, Dawn is totally right about that MTV marriage show. Although I haven’t seen one where the underaged engagement end up like mine. Now there’s a story for you, MTV…

  4. Personally, I’m kinda hoping Meredith remains in a coma for awhile.

  5. I wish they would create the show Extreme Make Under. I want to be on it. I’m tired of being this cute. Nobody takes me seriously. See, you’re humoring me right now. Aren’t you?

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