“Grease: You’re The One That I Want!” If want means hump. And share VDs.

Last time, we mentioned to you about some seedy television shows that our bargain TiVo allows us to view.

Well, the typical party of Me, Deal or No Deal Girl, Overexcited Eccentric Jeopardy Guy, and Baby Wes sat down to view the guiltiest pleasure of the week: “Grease: You’re The One That I Want!”.  . “.  [i don’t understand that punctuation bs…]

Guess What, Deal or No Deal Girl, looks like ‘Grease’ has the kids singing all-duets this week!  Aren’t you excited?!

All right!  What do you think Overexcited Eccentric Jeopardy Guy?

Baby Wes?

Well, here goes!  Ewww, first up is Super-gay-gross Broadway dude(Austin) and Laura.  Let’s see what they can do with “I don’t know much, but I know I love you….”

Ewww.  Gross, Laura!  Don’t touch him on the mouth!  Two words for you, Laura.  Her Pes.  What do you think about that Baby Wes?

That bad, huh?  Leads you to drinking?  What about you Deal or No Deal Girl?

Oh, you never change.  HUSH THAT FUSS!  It’s time for Max and Ashley S.!  I still can’t think of “It Takes Two” though without thinking of the Stupid Olson Twins. 

“I like the Olson Twins!”


Alright, Max and Ash, let’s see what’s poppin’!

Yikes you two!  Take it easy!  Overecxited Eccentric Jeopardy Guy?

Oh my.  Deal or No Deal Girl?

Mm hmm.  Baby Wes?

Right, hoodie string.  Got it.  (if you’re concerned about the sock on his hand, it was actually a GOOD parenting move.  Ask me more later, DCFS.)

Ivanka and the miraculous size-changing boobs?!?  How’d you get here!?

yeesh!  I got VD flying at me from every direction tonite!

Oh, if you GIVE the clap to someone else, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it anymore Deal or No Deal Girl!.   It’s not like a fruitcake.  So I’ve heard.  Anyway, you all shut up, it’s time for Chad and Allie who are doing the classic “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”  Which, as we are soon to find out, is most CERTAINLY true.  There ain’t nothin’ comin’ between these two.  (inappropriate JH joke deleted by author)

Ahh, the classic combo of lover’s embrace and scary African Lizard mating ritual.

Go to fullsize image

Baby Wes?

Oh, ouch.  Rough nite.  Overexcited Eccentric Jeopardy Guy?

Oh my.  Deal or No Deal Girl?


Go to fullsize image


And there you have it.  We all certainly enjoyed this whore-fest.  Until next time…..

GREASE IS THE WORD!!! is the word….(is the word….repeat and fade…)

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  1. Actually, I went to grad school with overexcited eccentric jeopardy guy. Oh the stories I have. Let’s just say that it’s not an act. The man is really like that. He always used to like for people to call him “Uncle” Nate, if that tells you anything.

    Too bad I missed that show. I might have to try and order a dvd copy from their website.

  2. Jeopardy is still on TV? Really?

  3. Baby Wes looks like he needs to have his cheeks lovingly gnawed on. Yes, please.

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