Asketh, and thou shalt getteth or something

Would’st Thou Carest for Ye Olde Dragon orst Ye Mediaeval Pepsi?   (coudn’st resisteth.  done now.)

 Twice in the past, I’ve made jokes about Bananarama and how tremendous they are were.  (do a Edit, Find on page if you’re researching…I tend to go on a bit.)

For some reason, though, those two slight mentions have encouraged much search engine traffic.  So in the spirit of pregnant goats and Liza Minelli, I will again appease you, oh wise searchers.

Hair-ties, or gap-teeth, pick your poison.

“We is here for clean you house?”

This is your brain on drugs.

Go to fullsize image

Chick on the bottom’s like, “I slept with hat guy.”

Go to fullsize image

Like a banana, get it?

They have names.   Messed up ones.  (Sarah, psht.)

Well, God Bless the USA.  I’ll gladly stand up!……………………next to you.

Hope you’re happy.

update: that bottom one WAS a picture of them wrapped in an American Flag, but I can’t find it anywhere else.  Damn tripod.

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  1. Cruel summer, indeed.

  2. I remember them. Their career really took off after they changed their name to Bananarama. Used to be Plantainrama.

  3. I am enthralled by these photos in the same way i am entralled with crime scene photos…i dont want to look, i HAVE . TO LOOK

  4. You’re a sick, sick man, Andy. That’s why you and the woman HAVE to come out for bus demolition.

  5. whaaa/ what is this bus demolition you speak of??

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