Did You Know? (try saying that out loud without saying ‘JEW’, I dare you.)

Did you know that if you put “?random” aftor the “mrmaestro.wordpress.com/” that it will pop up a random former post?

I know, let’s play a game where you do that, and then leave a funny comment.  It’ll be like Bill & Ted’s or something.  And then we’ll all get to bask in the glory of yesteryear.  Don’t think of it as me being greedy for comments, because, sheesh, never.  Instead, think of it as a useful history lesson. 

Published in: on 30 May 2007 at 3*21 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. How about you write a new post instead? And try not to make it suck like this one did.

  2. This post sucketh not. This post phoneth it in.

  3. LOL, what a funny game.

  4. cold muffs for blog buffs

  5. im not sure what the actual game is…do we win whitney houston tickets??

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