Wednesday Thursday Friday! (wtf)

Dude, I would like to take an opportunity to stick up for Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes.  I do love John Calvin as much as the next Dutch guy, but that’s for another time. 

I read a few Calvin and Hobbes’-es’-es (?) in my day, and I never once, not even ONCE remember him peeing on anything.  I know I wrote about stupid shit on cars before, but I recently saw something even worse.  And no, it wasn’t some weird-o lady’s bumper-sticker that said “I Brake For Yard Sales!” with a goofy face beside it.  Which, do you really?  Do you only brake for them, or do you actually stop?  How much do you even love these yard sales?  Where the F did you even find a stupid bumper sticker that even says that you strange, strange, stranger?

Where was I?  Oh yeah, what I saw recently.  This…..

Now, I’ve seen some dumb “Calvin peeing” stickers, especially one recently that showed him peeing on the Miami Dolphins (in Chicago, who really gives a shit?  Did Ace Ventura scare you that much?) and my favourite, Calvin urinating on three words -“No Wake Zones.”  Are you kidding?

But this one, he’s not even peeing ON anything.  Why is he so mad at me?  I’m just behind you!  What’s the big idea, cowpoke?  I took this picture with my camera phone WHILE driving, and I purposely cut out the license plate to avoid legalities but I also cut out the other sticker that says “My Daughter is a Marine.”  I’m sure the Marines love you, sir. 

I don’t think Calvin ever peed on Hobbes, nor did he ever flick him off.  It hurts me to see such an innocent cartoon as Calvin being denegrated. 

Marmaduke, on the other hand, that slut has it coming.

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