Wednesday Thursday Friday! (wtf)

Dude, I would like to take an opportunity to stick up for Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes.  I do love John Calvin as much as the next Dutch guy, but that’s for another time. 

I read a few Calvin and Hobbes’-es’-es (?) in my day, and I never once, not even ONCE remember him peeing on anything.  I know I wrote about stupid shit on cars before, but I recently saw something even worse.  And no, it wasn’t some weird-o lady’s bumper-sticker that said “I Brake For Yard Sales!” with a goofy face beside it.  Which, do you really?  Do you only brake for them, or do you actually stop?  How much do you even love these yard sales?  Where the F did you even find a stupid bumper sticker that even says that you strange, strange, stranger?

Where was I?  Oh yeah, what I saw recently.  This…..

Now, I’ve seen some dumb “Calvin peeing” stickers, especially one recently that showed him peeing on the Miami Dolphins (in Chicago, who really gives a shit?  Did Ace Ventura scare you that much?) and my favourite, Calvin urinating on three words -“No Wake Zones.”  Are you kidding?

But this one, he’s not even peeing ON anything.  Why is he so mad at me?  I’m just behind you!  What’s the big idea, cowpoke?  I took this picture with my camera phone WHILE driving, and I purposely cut out the license plate to avoid legalities but I also cut out the other sticker that says “My Daughter is a Marine.”  I’m sure the Marines love you, sir. 

I don’t think Calvin ever peed on Hobbes, nor did he ever flick him off.  It hurts me to see such an innocent cartoon as Calvin being denegrated. 

Marmaduke, on the other hand, that slut has it coming.

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  1. cowpoke. hahahahahahahahah

  2. and Calvin never would have pped on hobbes because hobbes would have beat the living shit out of him.

  3. Wait, you’re a Dutch guy who likes Calvin? That sounds suspiciously familiar.

  4. hard to believe huh? You always like to believe that you’ll be the one who breaks the stereotypes, but it never works out does it. I bet that’s what Lindsey Lohan thought once upon a time. I guess we all knew she’d turn her nose into Park City Utah eventually.

  5. Wait. You’re herpe-free now? WTF?

  6. wait. who has herpes?

  7. Joe.

  8. Joe Mama.

  9. OMG really?? no wonder we have Valtrex samples everywhere in the house..hmmmm

  10. Thursday, Friday, Happy Days! The weekends comes, the psycho drums, grooving all week with you! These days are rye-aye-aye-aye-aye…

    I’m so good at deciphering lyrics, it’s not even funny.

  11. I’m pretty sure it’s “these days are ours, won’t jews be mine.”

  12. Schlemiel, schlemazel, my friend.

  13. Was the marines sticker below the Calvin peeing sticker, by chance?
    Could be we have us a target afterall

  14. In his farewell book (I forget what it’s called and I went to the gym and am too tired to walk to the other room and find out), Bill Watterson (Calvin’s creator) said that he never sold any image from his strip to anyone for any use ever. He calls the people who sell these stickers thieves. I call people who drive Chevys with Calvin peeing on the Ford logo seriously underbusy.

  15. “underbusy”!!

    Is that the new PC term for bored?
    I’m stealing that word. It is mine now. You may not no longer use it. It is a word of most excellence.

  16. It’s late October ’07 and I just found your blog. After reading several posts, I realize that I’ve been missing some really funny shit.

    You’re very, very funny and you’re writing conveys that beautifully. I laughed…out loud. I do that so rarely with blogs.

    Good stuff.


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