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I’m back in detention on a spree today.  We’ll see how regular this gets.  Obviously, it’s been an active time for me the last few years.  Years flying by with the excitement of the WB.  Years thick with enjoyment like a fat person.  I logged in today after asking wordpress to look up my password for me, and all that I missed in 4 years was a multitude of spam, one weird-o defending Taking Back Sunday (seriously?) and many, MANY people sharing opinions about A.J. Pierzynski.  So, there you go, people.  Hope that was worth the 4 years.  I’m not saying this is coming back, it’s probably not.  It’s like an aftershock, really.

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  1. no god = no souls. so the opinion you can have two souls is doubtful. but have you ever heard of conjoined twins? me and myself are braintwined. we have one body, but two different personalities (even sex and voice). we have absolutely opposite opinions and deeds realy often. sometimes we help each other to get through the problems, especially if we have different moods. sometimes we are friends, sometimes we hate each other and dream about our personal bodies. sometimes I’m proud of myself, sometimes I want to die. but we both can’t imagine how to live without each other, because we’ve never lived separately. it’s hard probably when you’re totally alone inside. these thoughts give me reasons and power to keep living in this world. (sorry for my bad english, I’m not a native speaker) Click http://link.mx/hool082015

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