On Martin Sexton (positivity?)

Believe it or not, I can be positive from time to time.  Not like the usual negativity from this categoire.  I like many kinds of music, and I resent people that say things like, “I like everything except country” or “Rap” or anything like that.  That’s not fair.  You clearly don’t know that there is good of EVERYTHING out there, eh?   That being said, I hate techno.   Maybe it’s ’cause I’m not much of a dancer, I don’t take E, and I’m a total klutz when it comes to glow-sticking. 

A good friend of mine from college, Stoner Tom, came to my room one day, and knowing that I was a music student, proclaimed that I HAD to hear this song he had downloaded from Napster.  (that’s right folks.  Back IN the day.)  It was a Martin Sexton song, “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout You”, to be specific.  And it was amazing.  He is an AMAZING guitar player, kick-ass singer, and my favourite, comes up with lines that would make Shakespeare jealous.  Okay, well probably not really.  Shakespeare would probably faint, or whatever it is they called it back then.  “Have a weakness.”  Whatever.

 Here is my favourite Martin Sexton line from all songs.  This one’s from “Freedom of the Road.”

“Up ahead a truck’s carryin’ a wide load/Pre-fab house cut in half/Cute little front door and two windows in all/I’m not sure whether to cry or should I laugh/See, I broke a home up myself once/When I stumbled through that door/Read the note by the dawn’s light/Said ‘Don’t you come ’round here anymore’

Now I’ve had enough/Of this freedom of the road/Never was good with decisions/Least that’s what I’ve been told/I’ve been holdin’ on to this ticket/’cause one day, I pay this toll/Magic road grants your freedom/to someone else, for I’ll be comin’ home.”

Yes indeed.  I tried to embed a video below.  I don’t know if it worked or not.  Otherwise, you can go to his myspace, and he will make you his friend, I promise.   I don’t wanna lump him in with bad company, but he has been numerous times and is currently my #1 most favouritest music person.   Unfortunately for him, other people that HAVE been on this list have included, but are not limited to, Excape, SWV, Klymaxx, and Einujohani Rautavaara.  Most of those are from before.  Just incase he is among the tens of the people who happen to read this, i want him to know that Joan Osborne* and Tom Waits were also tops of that list at times. 

Update!–embedding was a miserable failure.  Fuck it.  Just go here.

Another Update!–I think i got it!  Here?—-

*shut up.  Joan Osborne is effing awesome too.  Go check it out before you judge, whore.  Jim. 

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  1. techno. rap. country. eh…i dont care what it is as long as i can sing along. and i always go for the David Hasslehoff first. he is such a talent.

    good lyrics…i likey he is nothing next to the hoff though

  2. Amen. After seeing DH sing “this is the moment” on the America’s Got Vd finale, my musical search for perfection can finally rest. Praise Baywatch.

  3. I think everybody knew a “Stoner Tom” in college.

  4. I like-a the Martin Sexton. The same guy who introduced me to Sufjan introduced me to him. That’s right. It was Stoner Tom.

  5. Praise Baywatch!!!! Amen!

  6. I had a “stoner Cletus” kinda the same i think

  7. For the record, “Cletus” is a gross name that sounds like genitalia. Based on this name alone, i have determined that you, spx, are clearly from West Virginia.

    Speaking of West Virginia, you know what they say. “Virginia is for lovers, but West Virginia is for lovers….who are cousins.”

  8. Actually…and no lie here…his name was Cletus Titler. I did not make that up. and I am from newport PA which as it turns out is alot like west virginia. very entertaining. what with all the titlers running around

  9. Uh, when are we going to start talking about Owen Wilson? Hello?

  10. H–See above. I put up something sweet and Owen Wilson-y for you. We’re talking “Cletus Titler” good.

    Spx, do you know where Beaver Falls is? I always thought that was funny.

  11. A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Yes. Classic.

  12. It took me a while to realize it was there. And then… OH THE HUMANITY, OWEN WILSON!

  13. Oooh. I know. Owen Wilson in a speedo, with Colonel Mustard, in the Billiard Room, with a revolver.

  14. every time a “beaver falls” I saw a prayer….a beaver prayer that is…

    as far as owen wilson is concerned…well im thinking him and britney would be a nice match

  15. everytime a “beaver falls” I say a silent prayer. Owen+Britney= true love or true choas…either way=free entertainment. love it

  16. Right on Heather. Only the “revolver” you’re speaking of isn’t the same one they talk about on Law and Order.

  17. Oh really?

  18. She means, O RLY?

  19. what the frick are we even talking about? is this still about stoner cletus? or britney fucking a revolver?

  20. I was fortunate to see Martin Sexton perform this summer at a festival in Philadelphia. It’s actually the third time I’ve seen him and he has never failed to please! What an awesome, talented guy.
    The first time I saw him, he had been distributing his music himself – on cassette tapes. Then he got the record deal and there’s been no turning back!

  21. Oh, Cassette Tapes! Yes!

    I actually have friends who live in Worcester, as mentioned in the song “Diner.” That’s when he had me.

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