Could Help On Jeopardy! Some Day…

Ah, a few useful facts you may not have known.  Consider yourself enlightened.

10 May 2007- “Beans.”

9 May 2007- “Asketh and thou shalt getteth or something.”

16 February 2007- “Meredith is still alive, I know it.”

11 October 2006- “The Adventures of Gully Washer and Big Blow”

13 April 2006- “From the Latin, “Horoscopus”, meaning ‘Mouthwash’ and ‘Loose Woman'”

17 March 2006- “Happy Holiday That No One Gets Off Work For!”

7 March 2006- “I’ll Take Florid Organum for $800, Please Alex.”

Published on 27 April 2006 at 7*15 pm  Leave a Comment  

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