On Martin Sexton (positivity?)

Believe it or not, I can be positive from time to time.  Not like the usual negativity from this categoire.  I like many kinds of music, and I resent people that say things like, “I like everything except country” or “Rap” or anything like that.  That’s not fair.  You clearly don’t know that there is good of EVERYTHING out there, eh?   That being said, I hate techno.   Maybe it’s ’cause I’m not much of a dancer, I don’t take E, and I’m a total klutz when it comes to glow-sticking. 

A good friend of mine from college, Stoner Tom, came to my room one day, and knowing that I was a music student, proclaimed that I HAD to hear this song he had downloaded from Napster.  (that’s right folks.  Back IN the day.)  It was a Martin Sexton song, “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout You”, to be specific.  And it was amazing.  He is an AMAZING guitar player, kick-ass singer, and my favourite, comes up with lines that would make Shakespeare jealous.  Okay, well probably not really.  Shakespeare would probably faint, or whatever it is they called it back then.  “Have a weakness.”  Whatever.

 Here is my favourite Martin Sexton line from all songs.  This one’s from “Freedom of the Road.”

“Up ahead a truck’s carryin’ a wide load/Pre-fab house cut in half/Cute little front door and two windows in all/I’m not sure whether to cry or should I laugh/See, I broke a home up myself once/When I stumbled through that door/Read the note by the dawn’s light/Said ‘Don’t you come ’round here anymore’

Now I’ve had enough/Of this freedom of the road/Never was good with decisions/Least that’s what I’ve been told/I’ve been holdin’ on to this ticket/’cause one day, I pay this toll/Magic road grants your freedom/to someone else, for I’ll be comin’ home.”

Yes indeed.  I tried to embed a video below.  I don’t know if it worked or not.  Otherwise, you can go to his myspace, and he will make you his friend, I promise.   I don’t wanna lump him in with bad company, but he has been numerous times and is currently my #1 most favouritest music person.   Unfortunately for him, other people that HAVE been on this list have included, but are not limited to, Excape, SWV, Klymaxx, and Einujohani Rautavaara.  Most of those are from before.  Just incase he is among the tens of the people who happen to read this, i want him to know that Joan Osborne* and Tom Waits were also tops of that list at times. 

Update!–embedding was a miserable failure.  Fuck it.  Just go here.

Another Update!–I think i got it!  Here?—-

*shut up.  Joan Osborne is effing awesome too.  Go check it out before you judge, whore.  Jim. 

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Not Exactly the Nut That Falls From an Oak Tree…

That’s right, skanks.  I’m writing you again.  And this time from the safety of an oversized arm chair watching King of Queens reruns on TBS.  That Carrie would be so much funnier if she weren’t such a creepy scientologist.  Yeesh.

“Hmm?  No, the Kool-Aid’s delicious!”

It’s so much easier when the internet you’re using at home is not the neighbour’s wireless.  That being said, i know it’s been a while, and I’ve got something that’s been killing me here too.  A while ago, a friend of mine mentioned a special guy by the name of Akon. 

That’s him, resplendent belt buckle in full glory.  Your typical R&B/Hip-Hop type dude.  Until, something TOTALLY foreign to the whole urban hip-hop world happened—allegations.  Curious?

This is from ON-STAGE at a gig in Trinidad.  (yes it’s foreign, but they do still have some rules.  I’m guessing.)  This still is from a video that can be found at Hollywood Grind in an article entitled “AKON MOLESTS 14-YEAR OLD GIRL ON STAGE”.

Fourteen.  Now, that girl doesn’t look like 14, I’d say, but still, role model, etc. etc.  I wasn’t super mad until I heard Akon’s latest hit song.  But, because I care, I’d like to share the lyrics that aroused my suspicion.  (aroused?)

Here you have, “Sorry, Blame it on Me.”  I’m gonna steal the parenthetic rancor from the Organum Makers category for this one.  As you’ll see, Akorn has nearly the same subtlety of a Joyce, or a Wordsworth.  And I Quote:

as life goes on i’m starting to learn more and more about responsibility
i realize everything i do is affecting the people around me
so i want to take this time out to apologize for things i have done
and things that have not occurred yet 
(that’s what good people do.  apologize ahead for future screw-ups. But wait for it, it gets better.) 
and the things they don’t want to take responsibility for (Zing!  Stupid 14 year old girls not taking responsibility for getting molested onstage!  Bitch!)

i’m sorry for the wrong things that i’ve done
i’m sorry i’m not always there for my son
(All that humping sure does take some time out of father/son time)
i’m sorry for the fact that i’m not aware
that you can’t sleep at night when i am not there
(If you’re not aware, then how….?)
because i am in the streets like everyday
sorry for the things that i did not say
like how you are the best thing in my world
and how i’m so proud to call you my girl
(I mean woman!  Woman!  Gotta stop saying girl!)

i understand that there are some problems (blatant infidelity, child neglect, statutory rape?  Is that what we’re talking about here?)
and i am not too blind to know
all the pain you kept inside you
even though you might not show
if i cant apologize for being wrong
then it’s just a shame on me
(finally, a good point!  [just wait])
i’ll be the reason for your pain and you can put the blame on me (done and done)

you can put the blame on me (4x)
said you can put the blame on me (3x)
you can put the blame on mei’m sorry that it took so long to see
they were dead wrong trying to put it on me
(DEAD wrong.  As opposed to what that picture says.)
i’m sorry that it took so long to speak
but i was on tour with gwen stefani
(Should be noted though, that what he lacks in discretion, he certainly can whip up a mean rhyme!)
i’m sorry for the hand that she was dealt
for the embarrassment that she felt
(embarrassment?  Looks what she was feeling was slightly more gross.)
just a little young girl trying to have fun
her daddy should never let her out that young
(His fault!  Must be the parents!  Not me!  right?)
i’m sorry for club zen getting shut down
i hope they manage better next time around
(or it’s their fault!  Yeah, card better!  Their fault!  Not me!  right?)
how was i to know she was underage
in a 21 and older club they say
why doesn’t anybody wanna take blame
verizon backed out disgracing my name
(their fault too!  They’re disgracing me!  Not the molesting of underage girls!  right?)
i’m just a singer trying to entertain
because i love my fans i’ll take that blame
(aren’t you sweet.  After spending 2:47 telling us how it’s not your fault for the heinous things you’ve done, you’ll take the blame.  Only not as far as the courts are concerned.)
even though the blame’s on you (3x)
i’ll take that blame from you

SO those of you wondering where i’ve been, I’ve clearly been working on my more serious side.  Don’t worry, though.  More stupid stuff is right down the pike.

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